ADDIE design documentation – GRR website tutorials


Teach Glastonbury River Runners members to create a blog post on the GRR community website.


Needs analysis

  • Many GRR members are interested in contributing to the GRR website.
  • Most do not have web design or WordPress skills.
  • GRR has held live training sessions but not everyone can attend.
  • Some people have difficulty grasping or remembering the process when taught over a single session.
  • Some people would like to practice and refresh their memories later.
  • An online tutorial is the best solution as it can be used at any time. This allows us to train new members who wish to get involved without having to organize recurring training sessions.

Target audience analysis

  • Most have intermediate level of computer skills and use Word and the internet regularly.
  • Half have no experience with WordPress.
  • Half have some experience either through a GRR training or some other experience.
  • Location will probably be home or work (lunchbreaks)
  • Bandwidth is high so videos are no problem.
  • Anticipate most people will view on desktop, laptop or tablet.
  • Sound is ok at home but not if learner wish to view the videos at work – captions will be needed.
  • People unwilling to invest a lot of time/do not need this skill for work, so needs to be concise and broken into easily digestible chunks.


Learning objectives

  • Log into the GRR website dashboard.
  • Create a new post and publish it on the GRR website.
  • Enhance the post with rich text, hyperlinks etc.
  • Add images to a post.
  • Add categories and tags and understand why these are important.

Task analysis

  1. How to log into WordPress
  2. How to create and publish a basic post
  3. How to add hyperlinks and rich text (bold, headers, bullet points)
  4. How to add images and set the featured image
  5. How to add categories and tags


  • Prerequisite principle – have to log in before creating post, have to create post before formatting, adding rich text and images, and adding categories and tags.

Instructional strategy

  • Expositive method – demonstration via video tutorial.

Delivery strategy

  • Asynchronous so everyone can do it in their own time.
  • Webmaster available via email for follow-up questions.

Evaluation strategy

  • Test course on select GRR members before distributing link to the whole club. Respond to feedback and improve accordingly.
  • Ask learners about their prior experience with computers/the internet/websites/WordPress before they do the course. Request feedback on completion.
  • Evaluate learners’ attempts to post blogs. Do they manage? What do they get right/wrong?


Content development

Downloads/extra resources:

Storyboard development

Created as part of the scripts (see PDF download), with directions now replaced with screenshots.

Courseware development

  • Toolkit style. Learners can pick any lesson from the list, and don’t need to do it in order although they are encouraged to. This helps those who have prior experience with WordPress or just want to refresh their memories on a particular subject.
  • Camtasia. Simple video software suitable for this suitable demonstration video.

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