WordPress Tutorials – Glastonbury River Runners

Learning objectives

  1. Log into the GRR website dashboard.
  2. Create a new post and publish it on the GRR website.
  3. Enhance the post with rich text, hyperlinks, categories, tags and images.


  1. Log into the WordPress dashboard
  2. How to create and publish a basic post
  3. How to add hyperlinks and rich text (bold, headers, bullet points)
  4. How to add images and set the featured image
  5. How to add a category and tags


  1. Download a PDF of the script with screenshots
  2. Download the Glastonbury River Runners style guide and image best practices
  3. Dive deeper with official WordPress tutorials on a range of topics
  4. Visit the Glastonbury River Runners website
  5. Log into the Glastonbury River Runners website
  6. Email the webmaster for further help

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