Top 10 online education providers

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are all the rage, although the shine’s starting to come off as providers realize the need for a sustainable business model. There are also a bunch of universities who provide a fair amount of free online open courseware. I’m compiling a list of the best online education providers, so if you spot something missing please leave a comment below.

  1. Udemy. Enables anyone to sign up and create a course which they can offer for free or for a fee to learners. (Hmm, could be a big issue with quality control.)
  2. ITunesU: Allows anyone to create an iPad course and distribute it (but only to learners with iPads).
  3. Coursera: Partners with (currently) 33 universities to offer high-quality online courses free to anyone. Also slightly controversially partnering with 10 state universities to help professors offer blended learning to their students. (I.e. classroom with some online/digital content.)
  4. edX: Partnership between Harvard and MIT to offer free online courses (science, technology, humanities) to all.
  5. Open Yale: A small selection of introductory courses taught and recorded on campus. It looks like you can take them at any time, self-paced.
  6. Udacity: Mostly science and computer science courses, again all free and online.
  7. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative: Online courses (mostly introductory/self-paced) and also the facility for teachers to create online courses for free or profit.
  8. UC Berkeley: This looks like just recorded lectures – of limited use if that’s all it is.
  9. MIT OpenCourseWare: Practically all of MIT’s course content, available free online. I suspect it will be of more use to educators (who can take snippets of the courses for their own classes) than to students (who won’t know where to start).
  10. Harvard Extension School: Not really a MOOC, but a collection of 600 courses taught either online or on-campus with open enrollment – for continuing education. Most have a fee.
  11. TED-Ed: Platform that allows you to take any educational video and create a lesson around it, then share it with others.
  12. Khan Academy:


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