Flash animations & PHP game

African safariAfrican safari

Interactive multimedia version of a trip through southern Africa. Click on the map to see videos and photos and to hear music from the different countries!

Explore Africa through video, images and music.

Judgment Day gameJudgment day game

How is the world going to end? And how does that affect your daily decisions in life? Play this interactive game to find out.

Play Judgment day game.

Flash accessibility tutorialAccessibility in Flash

A fun interactive tutorial about an important subject: if you must use Adobe Flash, then here are a few accessibility guidelines to make sure your program is as user-friendly as possible for people with motor impairments, visual impairments and hearing impairments.

Play Flash Accessibility interactive tutorial

Flash website screenshotFlash website

I am certainly not a fan of Flash websites, but just to prove that I can make a basic one with some fancy animation… check out my little running man!

View a Flash version of the Glastonbury River Runners website, complete with running man.

G20 summit meetingMad Lib game

Just a bit of fun using PHP – a satirical game about G8 and G20 meetings. Fill in the boxes and click ‘Generate story’.

Play the G8 Mad Lib game.

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